Friday, March 20, 2009

Product Review: Milk Fluffer! And something else fluffy...

I've got a problem: I love lattes. Why is that a problem? Well, because I don't have the expendable income to throw at coffee shops, not to mention the cash (nor the space, in a 1br apartment kitchen) to buy my own espresso machine. Side Note: Should I ever come into a sufficient amount of money to begin shelling out cash on non-essentials like espresso machines, I'll quickly pop over to Williams Sonoma and purchase this one.

So, Claire, what makes lattes so frickin' fabulous? Well, the delicious, hot, frothy milk. I'd looked into getting one of these, but was too cheap to even shell out the 30 or so bucks. It seemed I was perpetually doomed in my tie to Starbucks.

However, a fateful weekend trip to Ikea (have I mentioned that I love Ikea?) saved me from a life of enslavement. Behold- the Produkt (love the name)!
Photo courtesy of the Ikea website

After an embarrassingly long stretch of time spent discussing appropriate battery size (duh kids, look at the website under "good to know"), deciding on said size of battery, then finding that we were unable to fit it into Produkt's battery hole, we finally got it working. Buzzz!
Magic happening:
I just heated up about a cup of skim milk until it was a little more than luke-warm, and we fluffed away!
Chris fluffing another for himself. That first one's mine! All mine!

Has anyone ever told you that you're beautiful?

So, not quite a latte (that would require espresso), but a super-tasty morning coffee, nonetheless! Produkt was definitely $1.99 well-spent. I feel badly for the suckers who buy this doppelganger for $20! Even if my Ikea fluffer breaks (and I have no doubt that it will- I love Ikea, just as it is, even with its faults) I'm pretty sure I'll never have to buy that many replacements. (Knock on wood.)

Oh, and here's the something else that's fluffy:

My favorite picture of my little angry kitty:




  1. What a fun gadget! Cute cat too:)

  2. Oooh, I love foamed milk in coffee. I need to invest in one of those.

  3. Maria,

    Thank you! I'll tell him you said so. :)


    However long it takes to save $2,it will be well worth it! ;)

  4. I need one milk fluffer too! Thanks for the head up. :)

  5. Mandy,

    Plus, it's a really good excuse for a trip to Ikea!

  6. I really need one of these little babies!!!

  7. Oh God, I came here searching for review of the produkt because mine didn't work. I made my coffee this morning so excited for the cream in my milk but nothing happened, just a bit of bubbles... Maybe it was because the milk was hot when I did it?

  8. How did you get the batteries in?!! Just got one, can't fit the second in. Bah!