Thursday, January 29, 2009

Product Reviews: Yogurt, Yogurt and Healthy Cookies

Yogurt: Chobani
Rating: *****

I've never been just a huge yogurt person (much less greek yogurt that doesn't have all of the yummy sugar in it like Yoplait, etc.), but I'd heard enough about this brand to be tempted to try it. I bought the vanilla kind from Whole Foods, as well as some fresh blueberries and teeny whole grain cookies (see review, below) to mix in.

To my surprise- yum! Tasty and way more nutritious than the sugary stuff. Also- wow, much thicker. It actually feels nourishing while you're eating it (the fresh blueberries help and, oddly enough, the crumbled cookie does not detract).

I'll definitely buy this again and try to the other flavors, although it is sort of pricey.

Yogurt: Fage Total 0%
Rating: **** (five, if you add yummy stuff to it)

My second yogurt endeavor of the week. Fage has the same, luxurious thickness of Chobani, without the flava-flav. I definitely appreciated my blueberry/cookie mix-ins with this one. Eating this greek yogurt inspired similar feelings of, "Wow. I'm doing something lovely for my body/soul!" as the Chobani, for 30 fewer calories.

I would say that plain yogurt is definitely an acquired taste, though. Either that, or you really, really want to like it (that's sort of my approach). So yep- I like it! I'll buy it again. Plus, it's nice that it's available at regular groceries, and doesn't require a trip to Whole Foods.

Healthy Cookies: Cookiehead
Rating: *****

May I just be an annoying individual of my generation and give this an "OMGYUM!" These little cookies are completely wonderful. They're all natural (nothing on the label you can't pronounce or couldn't find in your local super market), relatively healthy (grains 'n' stuff, and not a ton of sugar), in small portions (3 cookies is 150 kcals, but one 50 calorie cookie is more than sufficient to squelch a sweet tooth) and they're soft and chewy!

Clearly I'm amped about the soft/chewy bit. I didn't expect that at all from a cookie that doesn't have any nasty preservatives in it.

As for the 'healthy' part, here's what their website has to say: "All natural cookies made with whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, dark chocolate, flaxseed, dried berries and nuts, phytonutrients and flavanols. Food for runners, food for hiking, convenient, nutritious, grab-and-go cookies with no preservatives. Trans fat free."

As I mentioned earlier in the post, I've been crumbling up one cookie in my yogurt. It makes a perfect topping! So far, I've tried the Honey Maple Walnut Flaxseed (! check out that roll call of good stuff!) and I was so in love that Chris and I bought a package of the Belgian Chocolate Chunk (his choice) for him to try. He was impressed- lots of eye-bugging and 'mmm'-ing ensued.

Will I buy these again? Duh- I already have. I'm glad my gym is right next to Whole Foods so I can trot over after a workout cookies.


  1. I found Fage recently while seeking out a brand of yogurt that does not contain gelatin or other gelatonous subsititutes. I hate the taste and texture the gelatin adds. Fage is great- more of a Greek style yogurt. And it's affordable. I'm still looking for something that goes better with Indian food. Have you seen anything?

  2. Laura:
    Hmm... I agree about Fage. Since posting that review, I've actually grown to really love it with fresh fruit and a little drizzle of agave nectar.
    I've not yet used it for savory cooking, but I think it would be great with Indian food! I can see how it might still be a little sweet, though, and therefore not the perfect compliment. I'll be sure to keep my eye out and let you know if I find something better- You do the same!